Stock Market Game - alias Xycoon Stock Exchange

alias Xycoon Stock Exchange

Game Introduction

We are proud to present the fourth generation of its stock exchange software services and solutions. The Stock Market Game - also known as 'Xycoon Stock Exchange' - is made available to the internet community free of charge.

The underlying software of Xycoon Exchange is based on a Stock Market Transaction Handling System that was originally developed for creating real-life online exchanges. Our knowledge and research activities in statistical analysis & simulation enabled us to create a 'computer trader' based on Artificial Intelligence. This allows us to create realistic simulations of every aspect of all the complicated types of stock market dynamics (this involves much more than just 'bullish' and 'bearish' markets). The AI-enhanced computer player accurately models the behavior of real traders on the Stock Market. A realistic simulation is obtained when the computer player gets large amounts of stocks and money to trade with. By reducing the wealth of the computer player it is possible to give more weight to the actual (human) participants of the Stock Market Game.

Past Events

The Xycoon Exchange software engine can be used for a wide variety of educational and research purposes. In June 2004, the European Commission used the Xycoon Stock Exchange with the following objective: "The objective of the virtual stock market will be to demonstrate that stocks of sustainable companies can provide the same or even better returns than investments in non-sustainable stocks." (source: European Commission's News Flash 1)

At the end of the Green Week 2004 event it was concluded that: "...the top 10 GW stock market traders made most of their profits through sustainable stocks." (source: European Commission's News Flash 4). A visual impression of the event is available in this movie.

Xycoon Exchange was also used at various events by private businesses and organisations such as Financial Business Days and Brussels Exchanges (EURONEXT).

Future Events

We are proud to announce that the annual ABSOC Stock Market Game will be powered by our software. Hundreds of students from competing universities compete during several weeks to beat the market, and each other. More information will be published later.

Xycoon Exchange will be used in several educational programs and at an event of Fundación Entorno (more information will be published later).

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